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        Correct Home Care's home checklist - helps you prepare for life-threatening situations. Correct Home Care's home checklist provides:

  • Home Maintenance Schedules to ensure Home Safety Devices (fire, water, smoke, burglary) are properly maintained
  • Home Maintenance Schedules for Home Safety Drills (Tornado, Hurricane, Fire, Home Intruder) to ensure family members have life saving skills.
  • Home Maintenance Schedules Links to Videos and related information

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Protect and Beautify for your home with Correct Home Care's home maintenance scheduler.
Correct Home Care provides you with home maintenance schedules to keep all areas of your home properly maintained (Plumbing, HVAC, Yard, Home Exterior, Pest Control, Flooring & Appliances).

Your home protects your family - Keep it in Ideal Condition.


Your home is a showcase that is probably your largest source of pride. Have a beautiful yard, healthy trees and shrubs and a shiny exterior.

Correct Home Care's home maintenance scheduler helps you dress-up this daily source of pride and helps you keep your home "sparkly" and bright - like the proud peacock.




Be Wise Enough to be the family protector that protects them from home dangers and guides them on how to be safe.

Be Wise Enough to take care of the right home maintenance issues with love and prompt attention.

Be Wise Enough to ensure your largest source of pride is always the envy of the neighborhood.