Getting Started

Correct Home Care (CHC) was developed for individuals that need a little organization and information for home maintenance. CHC is meant to be easy to use on your phone or desktop.

Using CHC is easy. Sign-up for Free! Signing up enables you to set a schedule for correct home care reminders - using your email or via text. Upon sign-up, your first 3 months is Free. Easily extend your subscription by inviting others! When they SIGN-UP you get an additional free month - for each person! You must continue to invite others to CHC to keep the Free subscription. An inexpensive, paid version is also available.

The paid version extends your subscription to one year and you gain access to "My Home" features within CHC. After you sign-up, view the list of Home Helpers. You view all or filter by category.

Each Home Helper Task provides useful information:

  • Cost Level: Free to Expensive
  • Difficulty Level: Easy to Hard
  • Frequency:Monthly to Annually
  • Video Link to How to perform the tasks
  • Shop Now Link to supplies, materials, helping products, etc.

    Setting a Reminder is easy.

  • Step 1: You confirm the default frequency of the reminder or modify it based upon your needs.
  • Step 2: You Set a Start and Stop date
  • Step 3: You identify how you want to be notified (Text or Email) OR you can assign to someone else.
  • Step 4: You can also add a personal note

    That is It!
    At your specified frequency, a reminder will be sent via email or text.
    Once you have completed the task, use the link in the sent reminder. It will update your reminder to 'completed'. However, you will continue to receive reminders until the end date is reached.

    Invite Others

    CHC has a feature that enables you to Invite Another to CHC. You can tell others about CHC via email or text. When they sign-up, you receive an additional free month of usage. You must continue to Invite Others to CHC to keep the Free subscription. An inexpensive, paid version is presented below.


    CHC offers Service Levels.

    CHC is Free to use, for a limited time. To continue using CHC, you must Invite Others. Each invitiation that "Signs Up" extends your subscription by one month. If you wish, you can upgrade your service level (Level II) for a small charge and avoid the "Invite Others" requirement.

    CHC also offers a "My Home" specific service level. This level provides maintenance information specific to the appliances in your home. You simply complete the appropriate area and when you need information, replacement parts or troubleshooting help - CHC will link you to youtube for specific videos. Note: Specific information may not be available.

    Service Levels

    Regular - Service is Free (3 Months)

    Continued Free when you Invite Other Home owners and they Sign-up. For each person you Invite that sign's up you receive an additional month of Free Service.
  • No access to "My Home". This feature enables you to save information specific to your home.
      Appliance & Equipment tracking: You can enter appliance information and use it in the future to search for: Replacement Parts & Troubleshooting Efforts.

    My Home - $19.99 Annual Subscription

    Save information specific to your home:
    • Appliances: When you have problems or need replacement parts, CHC searches for solutions for you.
    • Sizes and Dimensions: Remembering the sizes and dimensions of rooms, walls, furniture, is a few clicks away.
    • Paint colors: Save colors for each room or area.
    • Home Care Reminders - Videos on information is a closer fit to your home equipmemt (based upon information you provide) - (Coming Soon)